Pick Your Plan

No matter which package you choose, you will always get a fully guaranteed device from us. That means never having to worry about mechanical failure, power issues, noisy machines or costly repairs. If you ever have a problem, just let us know and a new device will be sent to you immediately. Don’t worry about choosing a mask either; all of our packages come with and unconditional 30 day replacement promise!


$150 Down

Everything you need to get you sleeping, and breathing, all night long again. With our basic package, you’ll get a certified and tested PAP device along with a mask and resupply every 90 days, so you can always rest easy!

  • Fully Guaranteed PAP Device
  • Heated Humidification
  • Standard Tubing
  • 30 Day Mask Promise
  • 90 Day Shipment Includes
    • Mask Replacement Cushion
    • 3 Standard Disposable Filters
    • Tubing 2x’s / yr


$225 Down

If you are wanting a top quality, guaranteed device and the best mask and supplies the industry has to offer, this is the package for you! A full shipment delivered to your door ever 90 days to make sure you sleep clean and comfortable every night.

  • Fully Guaranteed PAP Device
  • Heated Humidificaion
  • Heated Tubing
  • Industry Leading Mask
  • Diagnostic Reporting
  • 30 Day Mask Promise
  • 90 Day Shipment Includes
    • 2 Replacement Mask Cushions
    • 6 Standard Disposable Filters
    • Heated Tubing 2x’s /yr
    • Water Chamber Yearly


$300 Down

Our full featured package provides brand new, state of the art machines with the leading edge masks. This package has everything you could possibly need and then some, all at an incredible value. 

  • Brand New PAP Device
  • Automatic Climate Control Humidification
  • Cell Modem Connectivity
  • Phone App Reporting/Feedback
  • Industry Leading Mask
  • 30 Day Mask Promise
  • Full Diagnostic Reporting Available
  • 90 Day Shipment Includes
    • 3 Cushions
    • 6 Hypoallergenic Filters
    • Heated Tubing
    • Headgear & Water Chamber 2x’s / yr

Military Discount

Rentapap is proud to offer  a 10% discount for all membership levels  to our active duty and veteran military members. We feel like the insurance system has let down our Vets and are proud to do what we can to contribute. Contact us and attach your military ID before you subscribe via our contact page and we’ll provide you a discount code to use at checkout.