Sandman is proud to introduce the industry’s first and only CPAP, AutoPAP, Bi-Level, and ASV RENTAL service. We offer plans for everyone that include resupply at no additional cost to you! Whether you are new to PAP therapy, or have had your mask and machine for years, Rentapap is the perfect solution for you! Click here to choose your package and get started today!

Traditional CPAP Purchase

  1. Wait for the medical equipment company to call 
  2. Provide documentation to medical equipment company including:
    1. Qualifying Sleep Study
    2. Insurance Information
    3. Physician Visit Notes
    4. Proper Certificate of Medical Necessity
  3. Wait for the medical equipment company to verify your insurance benefits
  4. Pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for your insurance company to rent the PAP device over a period of months
  5. Wear your device, as your insurance company monitors to see if you are using it enough – if not, they stop payment and you lose your machine
  6. Limited 2 year manufacturer warranty
  7.  Time for resupply? Start the whole process over again

  1. Choose your package
  2. Pay Deposit & Register
  3. Upload Your Prescription
  4. Full CPAP package including supplies comes in the mail. Right to your door!!
  5. Fully Guaranteed device with 3 year replacement program
  6. Don’t worry, your supply replacements come in the mail automatically, at no extra charge, every 90 days.
  7. After 18 months, you own the device!! 

Complete Packages Include...

While there are many different masks available, they all fall into one of three basic styles. Learn about which mask is right for you!

CPAP, Bi-Level, ASV? Not sure what kind of device is right for you? Check out the different options and what they mean for your sleep. 

Keep it fresh! Need cushions? Filters? Tubing? Find all the different disposable supplies and replacement parts right here. 


"I needed a CPAP but I couldn't pay the $1,100 it was going to cost me. Not to mention the resupply. Rentapap was the perfect solution for me. I've been sleeping well for months now."
Jose M
"I had a $5,000 deductible so I was going to to pay for the entire cost of the equipment. I couldn't afford it. I'm so grateful for They changed my life."
Faith P
"I wasn't sure that I wanted a CPAP machine. I didn't want to make the commitment for something that I wasn't sure I would use. It was the right choice for me."
Suzanne H